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Do you need streetmap premium to customize a ESRI Navigator Base Map?

Question asked by SannaWith on Nov 11, 2019
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I was following along on an ESRI tutorial about the ESRI Navigator App, and they had mentioned that in order to customize the ESRI Navigator Applications Basemap itself, or add your own design to the basemap you must first download the map from ArcGIS online, (Which I have no idea where to find that, as the application itself is only able to open on a mobile device or device that is able to read apps).  In order to download this base map from navigator, add your own design on it, and get it back on the device do you need a street map premium license?


Once the map is downloaded you can add operational layers, add/remove locators, create travel modes, replace network datasets, and clip to an AOI if needed.  Then you must re-package it claims, all of this sounds great but I am unsure how to download the Navigator basemap into ArcGIS Pro, Customize it with our own design,m and get it back on the device.  I am also pretty sure MMPK's do not support basemaps, or when I tried to export one with a basemap it gave me the error.. " 00220 the layer is not supported in runtime content". 


So I suppose I am confused on how to get layers from ArcGIS Pro Packaged without a basemap, and how to get them to appear in Navigator on my mobile device.  As well as how do you download one of the Navigator Base Maps, bring it into pro, add your design, and re-deploy out to the device?


Thank you in advance, Navigator seems to be more confusing for me than it should be.