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Mobile Map Packages - Pulling Attachments from AGOL

Question asked by rinfante_CWLS on Nov 8, 2019
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So I'm hoping someone has already tried this successfully, or is at least able to definitively confirm that it doesn't work.


We're running some maps on ArcGIS Online that have features with PDF attachments on them. We did the attaching directly onto the hosted feature layers using the REST API methods.


Now we want to make offline versions of those maps for when the crews go out, but we'd like to take advantage of the fact that the AGOL features already have the attachments (as opposed to going through the linkage process with our local feature geodatabases). Since you can load AGOL features into an ArcGIS Pro map through the Catalog Pane, I thought we could set up the offline maps in Pro and just throw in the AGOL layers along with the other ones.


The hope was that since you can view the attachments in the Pro map, then creating the Mobile Map Package would also pick up those attachments and bundle them up.


But we're finding that the layers go through without any of the PDFs. And this is after making sure the Pop-Ups all have the "Show Attachment" option checked.


So yeah, am I crazy for thinking this could have worked this way and it's only doable through relationship tables in the actual geodatabases? Or is there something I'm missing?