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Accordion or tabs within the About Widget

Question asked by madeliberato_fca on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by rscheitlin

Hello All,

I work for a Local Government in Ohio and we are creating a parcel viewer of sorts. I have all the maps and most of the application created using WAB 2.13 but am running into a problem I cant seem to wrap my head around. We have the about widget opening on default when the application is initiated. This is where we are going to place our disclaimer as well as some text about how to use the application but wanted to make it easier for the user and put an accordion or tabs within the widget so they can click on one and see the disclaimer then click on another and see the how-to rather then jamming them all in together but cant seem to get it to work properly within the existing and out of the box about widget. Can someone help me complete either getting the accordion (preferable) or the tabs into the widget or where i can go to being to learn how to do this. I should be able to manipulate the tabs and the text after i have the framework added to the widget but cant seem to get it to work correctly.