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Sequential Record Numbers

Question asked by cypherja on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by cypherja

In the natural gas industry, we pre-test pipe that is use to repair damages throughout the system.  We need a way to capture that pressure test information and relate it to the pipe so when the pipe is used for a repair days/weeks/months later, the field user can reference that they used that piece of pipe for the repair and our GIS can be updated with the repair information (including pressure test info).


I've created a Survey123 form that the field user can use to submit the pressure test info, and a dashboard (more of a report view) the GIS editor would use to search for and retrieve the pressure test info when editing GIS; however, I'm struggling to find a simple solution to create a unique record number that can be related to the pipe.


The plan was to have some sort of sequential number that the crew could write onto the pipe (PTP1, PTP2, etc.), but Survey123 doesn't support that functionality (yet).  UUID or some sort of date/time ID are a little too long, and there's no way to get the ObjectID to show up in the instance_name allowing the crew to submit a record, then switch over to their sent box to see that - something like: concat("PTP", " - ", ObjectID).


Any suggestions on how to fulfill this need?