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I'm new to ArcGIS and have a question about performing canopy coverage analysis.

Question asked by Selvig01 on Oct 21, 2019

Hello all,


I need to update a canopy coverage analysis that was originally performed in 2009 using photos from 2008. Newer photos have since become available, and I have been asked to update the canopy coverage analysis maps and interpretations for a local planning department.


Specifically, I have to re-run the percentage for the original 2008 photos to make the comparison consistent with the analysis of the latest photos. Then I need to run the analysis for 2014, then again for the most recent photos taken in 2018/19. Can anyone offer any tips regarding how to best go about such an assignment? (Relevant shape files are attached)


This is probably coming across as a bizarre question, but I am new to this software and this is an aspect of my job I am expected to learn as I go. Much of this is Greek to me, but I am a fairly quick learner, so if someone could at least point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful.


Thank you!