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Georeferencing and sharing historical air photos

Question asked by rlquigley_AKDOT on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by rlquigley_AKDOT

I have a number of Historic Aerial images georeferenced that I'd like to clip, mosaic and publish for use in ArcGIS online either as a layer or a basemap using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.


The images have a collar and some collar information that can be totally removed. I have a fair amount of ArcGIS online experience but am new to desktop.


Can someone give some advice about how to go about doing this using ArcGIS Pro 2.3?

Are there any advantages to publishing as a basemap vs. a layer? 

Are there are ArcGIS Pro training plans that address this product/workflow specifically?


thank you