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Is there a way to "fix" rough edges on heatmap tile layers for online display?

Question asked by Bill_Schlatter on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by mmk18003_connecticut

I'm currently working on a webmap for display using ArcGIS Online, and I've been asked to include a heat map layer based on the data.  There are too many data points for AGO to render the heatmap efficiently, so I'm trying to create a tile layer in ArcGIS Pro to speed up performance (using Sharing -> Share as Web Layer).  It technically works, but there are display errors along the edges of tiles at some zoom levels.  I've attached a few screenshots of examples.  


I understand that this problem is similar to another question from a while back: How do you fix heat map 'tears' after exporting from ArcGIS Pro?  The key difference is that I want a tiled output result for use on a webmap, so workarounds that involve converting to .jpg don't seem to solve the problem.  


Has anyone else encountered this problem?  And has anyone found a way to make this kind of map display correctly?