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Microsoft Pen Support in AppStudio 4

Question asked by larson_devnetinc Champion on Sep 12, 2019
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I have interested in using the Microsoft Surface Pen on Surface devices for drawing, which I have built into a QML application. I recently installed the new version of AppStudio Player and the pen does not work anymore. The pen doesn't seem to do anything in AppStudio Player at all and I cannot get it to send any mouse or touch events in my application. Before, I believe had AppStudio Player 3.3 installed and the pen worked just as using my finger would on the touch screen. The pen still works as expected in Windows, just not inside the AppStudio Player window. I didn't see any mention of disabling the pen in the AppStudio changelogs, though it is a niche feature.


Is support for the pen something I can expect in the future?