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WAB Smart Editor - did the Dec 5th AGOL update break attribute data entry tabbing functionality?

Question asked by bfausel on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by bfausel

We use the Smart Editor widget in our Web AppBuilder apps and when editing the attributes the "tab" function recently stopped working. I'm referring to the standard data entry functionality where you can use the "tab" key to move to the next line between attributes.


This was working at some point in the past but is now broken. When you tab it highlights the template box instead of the next line. Our users think it stopped working around the last AGOL update on Dec. 5th. We are using the hosted WAB on AGOL, not the Enterprise or Developer version.


The "tab" functionality still works in the standard Editor widget, but we like the added functionality in the Smart Editor and hope it will be fixed.