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Can I use ArcGIS Indoors with existing GIS data?

Question asked by Mscfournier on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by GWaite-esristaff



I used the old version of ArcGIS Indoors when it was still a zip file to download. I installed the new package from my esri, and I discovered that now I need an ArcGIS Entreprise to make it work, and I do not see in the help online if this would work with an existing GDB.


All my buildings are already in GIS format. With the previous version of Indoors, I had to transform one or two fields of my layers. With the new tools, I am not sure that if my GDB does not have the information model it will work.


Can I use the new toolbox with my data without having the parameters that seem mandatory in the information model?


Thank you very much.