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Intermittent "Access Denied" error

Question asked by andrewsmithesriuk-esridist Employee on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by mjbutt



Portal machine - Portal (using IWA) and WA 10.6.1 (WA has Windows Authentication only enabled)


WFM Server machine - ArcGIS Server and WA 10.6.1 (federated with Portal but not a hosting server) (WA has both Windows and Anonymous Auth enabled)




We are getting an intermittent issue with a deployment where most mornings when trying to access the WFM JavaScript app (or other REST calls), the user will be unable to access the app (or complete the REST call) and will see an Invalid User error on loop. Looking into the issue, the issue is caused by the user being seen as invalid as the WFM service community/users endpoint is blank (i.e. does not list users from Portal) and returns the Access Denied error.


Please note that we do have the 10.6.1 hotfix to BUG-000115160 installed.


The issue can normally be resolved by a combination of restarting the WFM service or ArcGIS Server service.


We cannot understand why this keeps failing each day and requires a restart of the service. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


FYI Nart Tamash ArcGIS Workflow Manager WDFW Habitat Program