Survey123 Inbox: load Survey data from filtered Feature-Layer

Discussion created by Stowe93 on Aug 23, 2019
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Hello everyone!


We published a survey with Survey123 Connect with an existing feature-service. Everything is working until the point that our colleagues wish to retrieve the sent surveys in the inbox to collect a new survey at the same location. Our hosted feature-service is a public service where we hide the submitted data with a filter. If anyone accesses the feature-service there is no data visible.
That is the problem of the inbox at our survey: For the survey's inbox there is no data in the survey that could be added to the inbox. Do you have any idea how we could add the sent survey to the inbox without showing our published data in our arcgis online?

I hope that my problem is understanble since i am no an native english speaker. I am open to questions and I look forward to your answers and ideas!