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Parcel lines labeling problem in Portal web app

Question asked by m.terbalsgis4c-esridist Employee on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by m.terbalsgis4c-esridist

Good morning,


For our client we're setting up a new parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro/Enterprise. We've managed to create and publish a parcel fabric and all seems to work well.


For demonstration purposes we created a web map with the parcel fabric feature services and used the web map in a web app, both in Portal. The parcel lines layers in the web map are configured not to display labeling. No problem so far.


The web app however does not respect the labeling setting for the parcel lines layers and does display the labeling (the labels, that should not show up, display as erroneous). See atachments.

I've tried this in the basic viewer template as well as the Web App Builder.

I'm assuming the labeling display problem has to do with the Arcade expressions used in the parcel fabric.


Any ideas on how to suppress labeling on the parcel lines layers in a web app?


Kind regards,

Menno ter Bals