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Water Main Flushing- combining checklists and field data collection?

Question asked by alina.taus on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by alina.taus

I've been tasked to create a GIS App for our Water Main Flushing Program. I have set up my feature class with the hydrants that need to be flushed as well as the fields for all the data that needs to be collected in the field. It makes sense to use GIS as the platform for this project as this is a location based task. However, within each pressure system, there are certain requirements for pump stations to be turned on or off, tank operating parameters that need to be adjusted and blow-offs that need to be operated.  These all have to be done in a certain order either before, during or after the actual flushing occurs (for example: "Step 1:Set Tank XX to short cycle between 8'-9'. Step 2: Set Pump Station YY in "Auto-Mode"). The program runs for a week and there are specific hydrants that are flushed each day. What I would like to do is figure out if there is a way to combine some sort of a checklist with one of the GIS Apps (Collector or Survey 123 or..?) to allow the field user to check off the non-GIS tasks then use Collector to document the actual flushing. Has anybody done this? Is this even possible? I had thought of using Google Sheets to set up a sheet with tabs for each day of the week and set it similar to a "To-do" list where the user would check off each step. The user would have to go back and forth between Google and Collector which is not ideal, but not sure how else to do it.  


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!