Long Live the Shapefile

Discussion created by chaim on Dec 2, 2017
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Since the release of ArcGIS Pro my main challenge has been the inability to access my GIS data in Pro, from within Microsoft Access. Access is very popular in my environment (engineering/asset management) and has powerful capabilities to connect to both enterprise and local databases, along with robust yet simple tools for querying, reporting and automating.


This issue is actually a much broader issue than access. It's the inability to access an ESRI geodatabase from within a 3rd party software (without purchasing an ArcGIS Server license). ESRI has not provided a long requested ODBC for the FGDB; does not provide editing capabilities for sqlite (fully available in qGIS); has removed support for the PGDB format within Pro; to my best knowledge has removed support for editing a SQL-Express "desktop GDB" within Pro; and requires a server license for SQLServer/Oracle/PostGressql. Numerous "ArcGIS Ideas" relate to this issue and remain open (some links below).


It only recently occurred to me, that the shapefile actually does all of this! This simple and outdated format is accessible from basically any 3rd party software. Microsoft Access has even renewed support for the underlying  .dbf format , to a large extent at the requests of the GIS community (link below).


What I learn from this is the importance of open formats and the open source community. 


My messages to ESRI are two:


1. The importance of open formats. ESRI has provided the community with the .shp format, and its openness proves to be invaluable even today. Please don't leave the FGDB a silo. 

2. It seems that ESRI is focusing too much on the organizational level. My (huge) organization actually is based on the ArcGIS Eneterprise architecture; yet this platform is not typically accessible to end-users like myself for desktop analysis and development. But it is us, the end-users, who eventually drive the organization forward; it is our initiatives that grow into enterprise solutions, and we need powerful and flexible tools to do so.


Relevant "ArcGIS Ideas":

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