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Dock Identify Pop Up in the same place?

Question asked by jon.painter_firstgas on Aug 13, 2019



Is there a way to dock or place the identify pop up from AGOL in Webapp builder dev edition? In other words, every time you id a feature the pop up appears in the same place, like the upper right hand corner. 


I've seen Roberts Pop Panel Widget, which is great.

However, I need related records to show like how they do in the normal webapp builder pop up.


I also seen the moveable options which is also great but the anchor changes back to the point every time someone ids.


I tried to change the css in theme and in the MapManager.js (after, height); ) but can't find a property that isn't an anchor on the geographic point. 


Any help with this would be much appericated.


Below is a picture of what I'm trying to achieve to help clarify.