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How to dissolve symbol boundaries between polygons in ArcPro?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by Hornbydd

There is a cartographic technique in ArcMap that can dissolve the boundaries between polygons with the same symbol without actually the need for dissolving the geometries into another dataset, this is documented in the help as well as this blog here.


In ArcPro help it says here 

Eliminate county boundaries between polygon areas by state by setting Join and Merge on multiple polygon symbol classes.

but then gives no guidance on how to do it! I've searched various ESRI sub-sites and have found no walk through. As Pro is sufficiently different to ArcMap I can't work how to do it! Does anyone know of a walk through or can provide a step-by-step guide?


In my dataset below I want to dissolve the internal boundaries of the black polygons so they create a simple outline, whilst the other green polygons remain as they are.



Kory Kramer - tagging you as you are the Master of ArcPro! I would really appreciate any help on this!