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ArcGIS Pro, Mobile Map, Analyze always gives "00220 The layer type is not supported."  This is for any map I try even with just 1 base layer.  I'm just trying to get anything to work.

Question asked by timdyes on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by timdyes

I'm trying to create a simple mobile map package.  Running ArcGIS Pro, newly installed trial, installed the licenses for ArcGIS Pro Advanced and for Publisher.

I create a Project, create a Map, Share->MobileMap, fill in the Package info/options.  Click Analyze and it comes back with the "00220 The layer type is not supported in runtime content" error.  It seems none of the layers types offered under Basemap are supported.  Tech support for ArcGIS Pro is paid only even for free trial evaluation use.  Sreenshot attached. Any help appreciated!