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Basic table of county data won't load?!

Question asked by schlot on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by schlot

I have a table of county data with just a few columns, name, state, count, rate, etc.  I can't get this to load onto a map.  It starts to load, counts up to 1% and then disappears.  This data came from another staff, who I suspected copy and pasted from something that left some strange formatting.  I saved to tab delimited and brought it back in.  Same issue.


Question 1:  What am I missing?!  This is really plain data!

Question 2:  I'm not getting any errors, just something that doesn't load.  Are errors being logged somewhere I can look up?

Question 3: (Not all that related to this question) Why are the prompts for updating the version of the add-in so inconsistent?  It prompted me earlier to update when I wasn't ready to, but now that I'm having problems, and thinking the update might help, it stopped asking me.  I even rebooted, thinking I could get it to come up again.  I know I can go and get the download, but that is the most user-unfriendly page to navigate and I'm a 30 year ESRI veteran!!!!!!