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Editing Existing Survey Records for Audit Purposes

Question asked by mmwojciuk_ibs on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by mmwojciuk_ibs

What is the best way to edit completed survey records for accuracy & quality control reasons?  We are completing a field inventory of gas meters (>55,000 meters) and the engineers and project manager would like to check 5% of the surveys submitted for accuracy and quality control/training purposes.  They would like to edit the survey data and change any incorrect information, and then fill out some additional questions as to Audit yes/no, #errors found, comments, and an optional photo. The survey is set up as a related table to an existing feature service (meter points). 


From what I understand, I have two options:

1. Edit the survey info from an AGO web app using a custom URL to open a S123 web form; as described here:

2. Enable the inbox on the survey.

   A.    The potential issue I see with this is that all users would have access to all of the surveys submitted (not just their own).  The project manager would like the inbox restricted so that only a couple people have edit capability to all the surveys.  He is fine w/ users having the ability to edit their own data, but he doesn't want users to be able to edit other's submitted surveys.  The project manager and a couple others would need the ability to edit all users surveys.

Is there a way to use the 'where clause' in the inbox to restrict the inbox to only the Project Manager?


Any suggestions or advice?