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Conditional fields for editing?

Question asked by on Jun 19, 2019



I got this working fine and its a very handy feature -


but would be even better if it could be used for the popup when editing.  SO for example if a field is empty the following field is not visible (i used the inline style to collapse the rows:  <tr style="visibility:{expression/expr0}" valign="top">) but when editing all the fields are visible in the popups.  Is there a way to get this to work in the popups while editing?  


I am thinking for this when using collector so only relevant fields appear depending on the content of the previous fields.  I also noticed that during the testing for the new version of collector was visible in the list of new features, but now it is not there.  I noticed there is a new contingent feature in arcpro - is this going to get added to collector?