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bug: Incident Analysis vs old vers Situational Awareness with measurement bug

Question asked by kmsagis on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2019 by kmsagis

I had noted a measurement bug with the old Incident Analysis widget in WAB that affected it all of the time:

Incident widget wrong distance in WAB 1.2  

Incident Analysis - input for distance doesn't work? 


So I just checked back in today to tinker with the latest WAB in the AGOL Online IDE.. using the AGOL hosted Web App Builder (all done on ArcGIS Online today).. I see two issues.  Both of these widgets did not work or had a bug.


1.  There is an Incident Analysis Widget and what appears (???) to be an identical widget named Situational Awareness:

 They even both have Doc pages in the API Docs. Which are basically identical. Unless I'm missing something (could very well be!!)


However, I have an idea what happened.  They accidentally published the new widget without removing the old one, after my previous bug thread.  So, upon seeing this I decided to test distances measured by them with Locate Incident point.



I noticed one measured correctly.  One measured.. wrong.  The same exact mistake I noted in the first thread, where it came up about 20% short on distance repeatedly. 


The one that works fine is Incident Analysis - this is ok. For measurement.  Yet oddly enough, it just sat there and never worked, it never gave any results, just the progress bar sitting there and no results. No http request in network traffic pending or timed out or anything, all 200 code.


The one that has measurement the bug is Situational Awareness  (distance is wrong, this is the old version of the widget I presume and should be removed ??..)  I could do screenshots but I think the previous threads explain it in enough detail.  And yet... it works, at least. It returned results when I used it for Summary for Address points, fire stations and a few other layers I tested.


So one doesn't work, the other works but the buffer measurement is wrong.  Team Esri - Thoughts?  I can contact the Support folks if that will help, to test.