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Is there a way to minimize the voice directions in Navigator?

Question asked by chandlerc1 on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by geomatique_vrn

We're using Navigator to route water meter readers, and we have hundreds of meters per route. The meters are read via radio, so getting out of the vehicle isn't necessary, they simply have to drive by. The voice turn-by-turn is nice to avoid having to look at a screen while driving, but with so many stops to make in one route the voice navigation NEVER stops. You're constantly arriving at a destination, and then the voice navigation can't keep up. You miss turns because it's still announcing a destination you passed up 20 seconds ago. Is there a way to disable announcing each destination so you're only told when you need to make turns? Or is there a way to load a route and not the stops, so that the whole "you have arrived at your destination" hundreds of times can be skipped altogether?