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Composite Address Locator, Map New Field

Question asked by ceeteevee on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by KKramer-esristaff

I'm trying to create a composite address locator for a statewide dataset with each of the individual locators using a different set of road name fields.  The other fields I have set up in the individual locators are the address ranges, postal community, which I'm using as the city or place name, and the county name.  All of that works fine in the individual locators.  The problem I am having is adding the county name to the composite locator.  I can add "COUNTY" to the Field Map, but it will not let me add the field name from the individual locators.  The "Map new field" option would seemingly be the way to go, but it is grayed out.  I've also tried adding it thru the "Add Input Field" but the "OK" button grays out when I try to do this. Anyone have any ideas?