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Help with Inbox?

Question asked by andrew.moskalee@dec.ny.gov_nysdec on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Our program does invasive plant control.  We have about 2500 sites in our database, that we try to visit each year to do control work.  We use Survey123 to document our control efforts.  Much of the data about each site, such as owner information and site descriptors, is the same each year.  Still crews must have the ability to edit all data points since owners do occasionally change.  Our survey is quite long and detailed and has a number of repeats to capture multiple site visits and herbicide applications within a season.  So we are trying to use the "inbox" and "sent box" features to manage bringing forward our old relevant data while being able to collect new information.  Then access sent sites using the "sent box" to add repeat site visits.  We have around 15 different crews that are each responsible for a portion of the sites.   For the most part crews are only responsible for their assigned sites, but sometimes crews trade sites and so they need to be able to fill out a survey for a site that is assigned to a different crew.  


Currently I'm trying to figure out how to best manage the "inbox" feature.  If I don't use a "where clause", then crews can see and access all sites, but the inbox feature only holds 1000 sites, and loading the surveys is quite slow.  So then I tried adding a field to the connected feature service that contained the usernames of the crew members assigned to each site.  Then using the where clause, I can set the field 'assigned_crew_usernames' to equal ${username} of the person filling out the survey. But that solution doesn't allow crews to access any sites that were not originally assigned to them. 


My next thought was to make 15 separate surveys that all point to the same feature service.  The surveys would be identical in every way except for the inbox where clause, which would be set to equal the 'assigned_crew' field.  That solution should work ok, but since this is our first year using Survey123, after many years of using SurveyCTO, I anticipate having to make changes to the Survey as the season progresses.  Having 15 separate surveys to have to make identical changes to each time seems especially onerous.


So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to best accomplish this work flow?  One thing I thought about was trying to use the "username" method and making a separate survey with just one or two questions that points to the same feature service. The main question on the supplemental survey would be; What are the assigned_crew_usernames?  Then crews could change the assigned_crew_usernames themselves, then return to the main survey and update the inbox.  Would that method work?  Would the inbox update with all of their assigned sites, each time they use refresh, including assigned sites that had already been completed earlier that season?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.