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Sections of Tile Layer Disappearing at Different Zoom Levels

Question asked by Byron.Schuldt@du.edu_dugis on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by kclark_Angler

I have published a tile layer from Arc 10.6.1 successfully, and I set the tile format as follows:


However, when I open the published tile layer in a map view and start to zoom in, parts of the tile disappear at progressively higher zoom levels.

For example, here is the tile displayed at one zoom level:

And here it is at a higher zoom level, still well beyond the level 18 detail chosen above. Notice that the southern portion of the tile circled above is now cut off.


A link to a web map with this layer: 


So far, I have tried splitting the source raster into smaller pieces and publishing each separately, but the same problem arises. I've also tried increasing the level of detail when sharing from ArcGIS 10.6.


If you have any suggestions to rectify this issue, I would greatly appreciate it!