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Google Street View URL

Question asked by Kevin_Thompson on May 10, 2019
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Hello All,


I have been working on setting up a google street view hyperlink within my web app and have gotten the example to work within the web map. Unfortunately the Web App does not respond to the HTML correctly is there a way to pass this as a function to fix the issue perhaps?


This works just like what was created here by kreiger1104


It takes the coordinates from the geometry and passes that into the url using the following Arcade expression based off of the great post by Xander Bakker located here.


// Converts Longitude from metres to decimal degrees
var originShift = 2.0 * PI * 6378137.0 / 2.0;
var lon = (Geometry($feature).x / originShift) * 180.0;

// Converts Latitude from metres to decimal degrees
var originShift = 2.0 * PI * 6378137.0 / 2.0;
var lat = (Geometry($feature).y / originShift) * 180.0;
lat = 180.0 / PI * (2.0 * Atan( Exp( lat * PI / 180.0)) - PI / 2.0);


// Combines the features coordinates to the Google Street View URL
var url = Concatenate("" ,lat, "," ,lon, "&cbp=12,90,0,0,5&layer=c");


To launch this url within a new window the pop up is configured with the following HTML code:


<a href="#" onclick="'{expression/expr4}','MyWindow','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=400,height=400,left=450,top=525');
return false;"> Click here </a>


This works great within the web map but fails within the web app as it only seems to pulls the href="#" and duplicates the apps web page.


There are concerns around using google street view within other mapping applications and I still need to confirm that the launching of a new window complies with the terms of service. He is a sample post discussing this from the old open source widgets on Github here


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