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line of sight

Question asked by rmobss on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by NFurness-esristaff

AGSLineOfSight draws the line from an observer to a target in an AGSScene.  Is there any way to get the coordinates of the point on the surface where the line "disappears" (ie transitions from visible to obstructed) - the method produces the lines, but I don't see any way to get the relevant coordinates.  I don't see those properties in AGSGeoElementLineOfSight

Ie if I have an observer coordinate and a line (pitch and heading), can I get targetLocation, assuming the target is on a surface?

I see "Intersect 3D Line with Surface" in arcpy:

Intersect3DLineWithSurface_3d (in_line_features, in_surfaces, out_line_feature_class, {out_point_feature_class})

How can I do this (easily) in iOS?


I did see this

Can the geometry engine in 4.7 intersect a 3d line with a 3d polygon? 


but it is pretty complicated and limited...


and Java sdk has

Line of Sight (3D Analyst) 

with Output Obstruction Point Feature Class

The output point feature class indicating the first obstruction point along the line of sight if the target is not visible.

-- looks like this last one is what I want...