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How do I prevent 'calculate' fields and data uploading with 'Sent' Surveys?

Question asked by on Apr 15, 2019
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I am using CSV files and the pulldata function to load data for display in my survey. To do this I use the "calculate" field type.

The issue is that these fields get added to the total uploaded survey data.

Since the 'calculate' type requires a 'name' to be accessible eg ${MyData} it ends up becoming survey data and is stored in the table in ArcGIS Online.


We already have 255 fields of actual data in the survey which is at the limits of manageable data for excel or some MSSQL or ArcGIS ArcToolbox tasks (eg processes run but nothing happens). 


Currently we delete those extraneous fields prior to transfer from a file geodatabase into a secondary data repository.


Is there a way to tell a 'calculate' field to NOT upload with a survey? and be readonly like a 'note' type without a 'name'