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Utility network for Telecommunications

Question asked by RajeshManePro on Mar 27, 2018
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My name is Rajesh Mane. We are planning to implement Utility network for our existing datamodel. Our datamodel replicated from Ericson's Network Engineer data model. It built on geometric network principals.


Can any idea do we have anything similar which can ease our migration of existing datamodel to esri's utility network.

Does esri provides sample datamodel which built on UN for Telecommunications and fiber networks.


We would appreciate If ESRI throw some highlights on this topic as well.


In my search , I saw several topics in Utility network that supports GAS , WATER and Electric but not much on Telco side. If any one has implemented or migrated their telco network then pls share your experience.


I heard there is Utility network configuration extension required to built compressive datamodel. Any plans for release similar for telco ? If yes. By when ?


Thanks in advance


Rajesh Mane