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Having trouble creating a hosted layer.

Question asked by mwoodward_PW_ENG_TECH on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by JLias-esristaff

I have several shapefiles of our electrical system I'm trying to share on ArcGIS Online.  Two of the shapefiles are too large to add directly to the map.

"Notice:  This dataset is too large to add directly to the map. Upgrade to an ArcGIS Online subscription to publish larger data as hosted layers."

We have a subscription, and I am logged in.  I tried to follow the instructions here:  , but I see no options to create a hosted layer.  There is no box to publish the file as a hosted layer.  


I was wondering if this is a permissions issue, but I have all the permissions for my organization enabled.  


Any thoughts?  This is my first time using ArcGIS Online, I've been using ArcGIS Desktop exclusively until now.