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ArcMap Constantly keeps drawing background and panning up.

Question asked by on Mar 25, 2019
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  Strange issue I just found this morning.  Working on a project for the past 2 or so months and just this morning this anomaly has started occur all day today, minus about an hour or two.


  Editing the layer as a versioned editing via SDE and when I put in a Select by Attributes query.  My map suddenly starts to slowly and constantly move the map as if I was using the pan tool.  In the bottom left, each time it keeps saying "Drawing Background".


  I'm not touching it and it just keeps doing this which is making editing impossible.  I know if the past there were issues where people discovered the pan tool got stuck, but I'm able to select different tools and zooms and still move around, but it just keeps doing this automatic panning.


  Nothing has changed since Fri when I last was editing it.  I've re-booted the computer as a last resort, tried opening a new ArcMap and re-importing just the SDE layer to see if it was an issue with the imagery or something and nothing has worked.  Even tried to MXD Doctor it and nothing.


  Anyone have any suggestions?