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Button bar: One button that filters two+ values

Question asked by ctalleygreenville on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by graynic

Hello all,


I hope this is an easy question since I am just beginning with Dashboard.


Displaying Service Requests for last six months (from Cityworks database) for City of Greenville, SC


A large number of the service requests (75%) are related to solid waste services.  I wanted to add a button through a button bar that would allow the user to show all of the Categories but to exclude the two categories of SOLWASTE and SWCONT .

(in general, uncheck the two categories in the list but through the button)

category list with button



I cannot determine what do to on the Selector Options for this to happen.  I've tried several options, but nothing is working.  It is the multiple values for one button that is really stumping me.


selector options for button


Thank you for any solutions or hints you can provide.


PS - if there are example settings for all the different selector options, please point me to it.  I see I can copy Esri OP Dashboards.  If this is the only option, please indicate so.