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How can I securely share an online map or web app with clients?

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2015
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Our organization is just getting started with for sharing interactive online maps and web apps.  We'd love to use the service to share information with our clients, be we can't have the map shared with "everyone" and searchable for the whole community.  We also don't want to require clients to log in using one of our organizational accounts, and the clients don't have their own organizational accounts either


I can't seem to figure out how to securely share the web maps with our clients.  Is there any way we can create a map using that's accessible ONLY from a link we distribute? We're currently using google maps and would love to move away from that, but without this basic feature it's impossible. I'm aware that one way to approach this would be to run our own arcgis server / portal, but currently that's not an option for us.


Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.