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Refresh map or layer

Question asked by dracca on Jan 27, 2012
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I am modifying a widget in ARCGIS Flex Viewer using Flash Builder.
As part of a ARCGIS Server Flex application I change a feature attribute of an arcsde layer using an sql (coldfusion) and that feature attribute determines how lines are colored in the operational layer as the service is generated from a single layer project (mxd) . I'm having no problem changing that attribute in the coding, I use a coldfusion sql.

If I change the attribute and then manually pan or zoom (even slightly) the color change of the line is shown, works fine.
If I use map.zoomIn that works also and the line color changes, (the modifications of the underlying sde operational layer or the service are displayed).

All I want to do is refresh the entire map as would happen with a zoom or pan but I dont want to zoom or pan, just refresh.
I'd be happy just refreshing the layer.  I only have 2 operational layers so I guess I could get one from an index of the layer list.
I read somewhere that map.refresh() doesnt work and  I need to use layer.refresh(). 

I thought this was going to be one of the most simple and basic things but I'm having real difficulties finding an example of it for some reason.

I just want to refresh the map or layer without manually panning or zooming.

David Racca
University of Delaware