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Survey123 'username' field is <Null>

Question asked by TIDB02 on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by JHabel09

I have published a Survey123 with a field of type 'username' by which I was hoping to capture the ArcGIS Online user name of the account being used to submit the survey.  Unfortunately, this is not working reliably.  While most of the records in the feature service are submitted with the username as expected, a substantial number of them are submitted with <Null> (no value).


We are using Survey123 version 2.8.2 on iOS (and cannot upgrade any further for now due to our old iPads not being able to run a recent version of iOS), with ArcGIS Online as a proxy to a feature service on our local ArcGIS Server (not Portal), so that we can capture the data into our local SDE enterprise geodatabase.


In my limited testing, the <NULL> values are recorded when users are signed out (in Survey123) at the time they capture the survey data.  Signing back in (in Survey123) to submit the data does not capture the username.


NB:  The users are not deliberately signing out.  They just get signed out by the system from time to time, without realising it.


My preference would be to be able to use the editor tracking fields for this (create user, last edit user), but in this case, the feature service is hosted on a local ArcGIS Server, not ArcGIS Online, and Survey123 submits to it via an ArcGIS Online proxy, because it cannot authenticate to our ArcGIS Server directly.  So the create/edit user is always recorded as that of the saved credentials for this proxy feature service in ArcGIS Online.


Is there any reliable way to capture the username in this scenario?


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