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Update Definition Through Rest Not Working

Question asked by philip.queen Champion on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by philip.queen

I am trying to update a feature service definition following the process described in this document:… 



Specifically, I am trying to set the sourceSchemaChangesAllowed property to false (and eventually back to true). So in the admin page of my service URL, I go to update definition.


I change true to false in the above, and then replace the last edited field with empty double quotes. It returns the following page with no error:

But when I go to my feature service again, the change has no been made.


This is a similar issue to this Geonet post: Updates in JSON feature service edit not taking. A bug was filed for making the same operation on different fields, with no workaround provided. Is this also a bug, and if so, does anyone have a workaround?