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Picture Url's in Map Tours are cut short

Question asked by Hjmcea on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by ASivasailam-esristaff

I'm working on a story map for field planning and ran into a couple of issues. 


  1. I'd like to present this to my field team, and it'd be great if it were more interactive so that I could click on other objects in the maps (e.g. past field inspection data points) and have the feature information pop-up, as in typical webapp maps.  I decided I may have to use Webapp Builder for that, which is fine, however
  2. I would also like to have the photos show up as well - this was my primary reason for using a StoryMap.  So I tried to get the photos that were uploaded into the storymap to show up in the web map pop-ups by editing the pop-up properties.  However, I then realized that the string field (pic_url) of the map tour layer is too short to contain the full picture urls, and ends up presenting a broken image instead.  This seems like a defect.  How do I get ESRI to lengthen their map tour pic_url fields so that they can contain full length urls (the easy solution)?


and if that's not possible, could esri consider enabling info capabilities in storymaps (the potentially more difficult solution)?