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Summary Table, rather than graphics ?

Question asked by htouyeras on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by htouyeras_1

Hello Operations Dahsboard friends!


My customers are asking for summary tables, to be used alongside the charts produced by Operation Dashboard.


What we are looking at is exactly the same data agregation as what is currently done for the Operation Dashboard charts, except that the output is a table, rather than a graph.


A simplistic instance would be a count (and % distribution) of unique values within an attribute, for instance:



Further along the same line, and just as what Dashboard can already do, we would like to see mulitple attribute analyses. For instance, tracking the health status by species observed: 


Insights is not an option we can try ; and after searching for a few hours, I have not found anything within ArcGIS Online/Portal apps and widgets to produce summary tables.


The need is rather basic, I am sure other organizations sahre it. Has anyone heard of custom widgets or tools that would match it? 


Many thanks for your ideas and pointers!


With kind regards,