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Can I pass URL Parameters to an app not hosted or developed in AGOL or WAB?

Question asked by welchparker on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by welchparker

version: ArcGIS for JavaScript 4.9


I have a custom web app hosted on my own web server, not hosted on ArcGIS Online. It does, however, load an ArcGIS Online-hosted basemap and several ArcGIS Online-hosted layers upon visiting the URL.


Is there any way I can load the map already zoomed to a specific feature within the map by passing URL parameters to affect the extent?


I have seen this functionality for apps developed and hosted by ArcGIS Online but have not found any info about custom externally-hosted apps.




let's say the URL to my app is '' and I have a feature in my app called 'Building A'.  Is there some text string I can add to the URL to load the map already zoomed to Building A?

e.g. ' A' or something similar?


I have looked through these threads for info already:

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