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Inspection Date/Time Required Data

Question asked by NWFDGIS on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by NWFDGIS

Greetings, Hydrant inspection time.  

I need to mark an "inspected Date/Time" in collector for an inspection of an asset.    This time must be static and using the "Last Editor" date/time stamp overwrites when edits are made to the asset (Repairs for example of reported defects).   I have created an "Inspected" field and made the parameter "Null Allowed" unchecked in ArcGIS Pro.   


This fills the field with a default value of  "12/30/1899" and does, in fact, satisfy the "Null Not Allowed" condition so it's worthless to us.    


Is there a way to create a date/time field, with NULL values in it,  so that when a user opens collector they MUST collect the time of action? (in this case an inspection).   


Thank you.