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Operation Rolled Back Error and Repeats

Question asked by claire.crossan on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hi there,


I have been having a problem with my form in Survey123. I am doing a survey where I need two repeats in the form: the first for three geopoints; and the second for a set of questions that can be repeated multiple times.


When I create the XLSForm, it seems to be fine and no errors occur. The form also appears how I would like in the app. However, when I try to submit the data I have collected, the error 'Operation Rolled Back' comes up. I have been researching this error but I can't work out why my form will not work.


I am at a loss, but the repeats are the only thing I think might be affecting it. Below are the repeats:


1) The three geopoints: I saw that this is not possible in the form unless it is used under a repeat. The three geopoints are for the start of the survey (required), end of the survey (required) and another location (not required). An image is also included in this first repeat. I have limited this repeat to 1 as I only need one input.


2) Set of questions: these questions are 'Select one' questions, with different sets of questions relevant to answers in the first question.


So the questions are repeated multiple times (I am doing a litter survey and may be lots of litter) for the survey and the geopoint is only repeated once as I am only using it to be able to record multiple geopoints.


I was hoping someone could advise me as to why form will not let me submit. I have uploaded my XLSForm as well to provide context.


Many thanks!