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Creating FGDC Metadata

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by curtvprice

ArcGIS 10.5 (for now) Windows 10 64bit.


I've been assigned the task (actually volunteered for it) to develop metadata for the county in which I'm employed.  For most of my career I've avoided metadata like the plague, but now that I'm older, I guess I see things differently.


That said, I've recently been wading through the online material and have been experimenting with a 'generic' form of metadata.  For example, using the FGDC template, I create a description for a geodatabase working through the elements listed on the left side of the ArcCatalog window.  See illustration below.  The idea here is to add the repetitive entries like address etc, export to an xml and then agencies import and fill in the blanks.


My question is, what defines a 'Resource' ?  In my example, I've filled out the Overview and Metadata sections. However, once I get into the Resource section, I'm seeing lots of what I just filled in repeated: detail, points of contact, extent and  so on.  To me the Resource section is more applicable to a feature class or table, especially given the 

Fields element.


Is it good practice to create a Generic database metadata file and then a second generic Feature Class / Table metadata file?  Is there a better practice to follow given my desired outcome?