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Multiple location collection

Question asked by TomButton on Dec 11, 2018
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Hi all. 


New to GIS and ESRI. I'm looking to set up a map to be used in collector for my field team to enable collection of new assets/locations that we may need to inspect further. I want/need them to be able to collect multiple new locations/assets click(tap) by click(tap) rather than having to add a new pint and then submit this. we are currently using a dated korec piece of software on a old windows surface that enables us to do this. But we are moving/have moved to ESRI for a more complete GIS solution and so we can manage workflows and data better.


To give some context to this, we fly areas of the UK by helicopter and collect data during the flight based on visual observations. I need the field officers to be able to tap in a location to add point after point. In some flights we can add over 100 points.


can collector achieve this for me