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Map download fails intermittently for same webmap, same device

Question asked by jakethepainter on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by KBurke-esristaff

I'm downloading caches for a web map and intermittently it is failing.  I've got bookmarks set in the web map, so when I create the offline area it is for the exact same extent.  Here is one scenario where I think I've caught an error.


In the logging I see:


12/11/18, 12:47 PM [DA43E297-CE8E-450A-80F8-5310F5E184F2] - job failed
12/11/18, 12:47 PM [DA43E297-CE8E-450A-80F8-5310F5E184F2] - Error downloading map: Error Domain=com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error Code=1026 "File opened that is not a database file" UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Could not open database at /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/C0B0B741-2842-47B1-9F21-0F41D054E1CD/Documents/eej2013@C00.CORP.COM_Avista@WlYQgAChrqj0tuQi/maps/ac3c7078641542e9b0b92b13fde5166a/DA43E297-CE8E-450A-80F8-5310F5E184F2/p13/7b8a5885-fde9-468d-8137-880368fc0522.geodatabase, NSLocalizedDescription=File opened that is not a database file, Additional Message=Could not open database at /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/C0B0B741-2842-47B1-9F21-0F41D054E1CD/Documents/eej2013@C00.CORP.COM_Avista@WlYQgAChrqj0tuQi/maps/ac3c7078641542e9b0b92b13fde5166a/DA43E297-CE8E-450A-80F8-5310F5E184F2/p13/7b8a5885-fde9-468d-8137-880368fc0522.geodatabase}
12/11/18, 12:47 PM [DA43E297-CE8E-450A-80F8-5310F5E184F2] - job failed



Any hints about what this means?  I've attached the log files which I think should contain one failed download at 11:44-12:47pm and one successful one at 4:46-4:52pm (that was a smaller area, but I've also successfully downloaded the larger area and just not managed to capture the logging)