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wanted: easyest way for field calculation with python

Question asked by DMMotti on Dec 5, 2018
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I'd like to do some complicated field calculation.

I want to calculate the Field 6-value (see table below, representing a FeatureClass table) as follows:


If Field 1 = 617: Field 3-value

Else: Field 2-value






If Field 4 = ABC:

      If Field 5 is Null:



            "Someothertext" + Field 5



I entered the results in Field 6 as an example

Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6
611from July 1April to NovemberTextWith_äöüfrom July 1 |  Sometext
612from July 1April to NovemberABCTextWith_äöüfrom July 1 | Someothertext TextWith_äöü
612from July 15April to NovemberABCfrom July 15 | Someothertext
617from July 1April to NovemberABCApril to November | Someothertext



Up until now, I exported the table and calculated the value with some "when"-statements in Excel. But since I'd like to have the results in GIS i searched for an other solution.


I ended up using "arcpy.CalculateField_management" and something like this:

def compare(class1, class2, class3):

   if class1 in (612, 611):
       return class2
   elif class1 == 617:
       return class3
       return class1

# Expression below

compare(!some_field!, !another_field!, !another_field2!)

This didn't work quite well because

- the code will become huge (I have more fields and values to compare)

- there seem to be problems with converting/using characters which don't fit into ASCII

- i couldn't figure out how to ask properly if Field 5 is Null

- I could not properly translate the "AND" and the "OR" from Excel to Python (for example: If Field 4 is Null AND Field 5 is Null AND Field 1 is 612, Field 6 = ...)




Is there an other, easyer solution how I can calculate Field 6 value?


Thanks a lot for your help!