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SyncTool error: Data Export for Replica with GlobalID failed when syncing mobile gdb

Question asked by CHu_BGCINC on Oct 15, 2018

Hi, We sometimes get this synctoolerror "Data Export for Replica with GlobalID failed" on ArcGIS Server when syncing mobile local geodatabase. I searched ESRI forums and found this one has very similar error: Data Export for Replica with GlobalID failed. But it is related to Collector and reported in older SDK version. I have attached the ArcGIS Server log screenshot that captured the SyncTool errors. Just like the description in the other bug, the mobile front-end sync API receives generic error "failed to synchronize", but the sync process continues and completes in ArcGIS Server behind the scenes. 

We are using ArcGIS .NET SDK 100.3 on mobile project and ArcGIS Server version 10.5.1. Our geodatabase is Archived and Sync mode is PerLayer. See following setup:

"currentVersion": 10.51,
"serviceDescription": "",
"hasVersionedData": false,
"supportsDisconnectedEditing": false,
"syncEnabled": true,
"syncCapabilities": {
"supportsRegisteringExistingData": true,
"supportsSyncDirectionControl": true,
"supportsPerLayerSync": true,
"supportsPerReplicaSync": false,
"supportsRollbackOnFailure": false,
"supportsAsync": true,
"supportsAttachmentsSyncDirection": true,
"supportsSyncModelNone": true
"supportedQueryFormats": "JSON, AMF",
"maxRecordCount": 1000,
"capabilities": "Create,Query,Update,Sync,Delete,Extract,Uploads,Editing",
"description": "",
"copyrightText": "",
"spatialReference": {
"wkid": 4326,
"latestWkid": 4326



Does anyone know what causes this error?

Any help is appreciated!