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Poor performance on WMTS with geoserver

Question asked by zalovich89 on Sep 21, 2018
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We are using ArcGIS WPF SDK to connect via WMTS service with an Image Pyramid (638 MB) stored in geoserver ,then we are showing it as a layer in a MapView. We are connecting directly with geowebcache endpoint in order to use its cache services.

The problem we have observed is a really bad performance of the map, it renders the maps really slowly (some tiles can take 15 seconds to finally show it) and we haven't got any improvement in performance terms when updating from 100.2 to 100.3 SDK. We think that the problem may be in the ArcGIS SDK because we have used the sample code from the SDK with our geoserver and it also goes slowly. We have also used another program like OpenLayers to show the map and it has a good performance.


Is this a known problem on ArcGIS SDK for WPF? Will there be any modification in the SDK to improve this performance?


This has stucked our project as the map is the main part of our project and its performance is really poor.


Thanks in advance.