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Add a hint to an entire group or repeat

Question asked by data.officer on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by MKellyesri-ireland-ie-esridist

I've set up an environmental survey that captures information on the site surveyed (including exact location) and the person surveying in the 'parent' group and then has a 'repeat' section for each species observed at each location.


The link will be shared with a large number of volunteer citizen scientists who may not be overly familiar with completing online survey forms and I want to make sure the concept of 'repeats' is clear to them. Is it possible to display a 'hint' for an entire group or repeat as you would for individual questions? 


To illustrate I've attached a screenshot of the relevant section on the web form. 'Records' is the label for my repeat and I've added a 'hint' that does not display here. I want to explain to our surveyors that they can now enter multiple records relating to the site / location specified above and that they will need to click the '+' button to do so each time. Is there a way of using the 'hint' function on repeats or groups, or is there an alternative way of leaving instructions?