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Arcade Expression not returning all results in AGOL

Question asked by kristinschu on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by kristinschu

I have set up an Arcade expression that queries two fields and returns the results to symbolize on. Using the expression in ArcGIS Pro brings back all the expected results, using the same expression in AGOL does not bring back all the results. Any advice would be helpful at this point.


Arcade expression is very simple:

if($feature.speed == 0 && $feature.messageType == "IGNITION OFF")
{return "Position - Not Moving";}
else if ($feature.speed < 1 && $feature.messageType == "Position")
{return "Stopped Position";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "POWER DISCONNECT")
{return "Stopped Power Disconnect";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "Position")
{return "Position-Moving";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "IGNITION ON")
{return "Ignition On";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "IGNITION OFF")
{return "Ignition Off";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "SPEEDING")
{return "Speeding";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "IDLE")
{return "Excessive Idle/Long Stop (5 minutes)";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "IDLE END w Duration")
{return "Idle w Duration";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "HARSH ACCELERATION")
{return "Harsh Acceleration";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "HARSH BRAKING")
{return "Harsh Braking";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "POSSIBLE ACCIDENT")
{return "Impact Possible Accident";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "POWER CONNECT")
{return "External Power";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "POWER DISCONNECT")
{return "Internal Power";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "LEFT TURN")
{return "Harsh Left";}
else if ($feature.messageType == "RIGHT TURN")
{return "Harsh Right";}
{return "Other";}


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